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Planning a garden that’s easy on the eye and to maintain isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be. For a functional landscape design that’s stunning as well, you need the help of experts. With a trend that’s towards flowing, natural lines and a better blending of home and garden, it’s best that a professional takes over …

Garden Mecca Landscapes specialise in new garden landscaping, garden revamps and grass for residential homes, townhouses, industrial areas, factories, hospitals, complexes, estates, apartment blocks and office blocks.

We offer you more than 35 years of horticultural and landscaping experience!
Your family’s needs are not static, nor is your garden. Our Landscape designer retain the natural design features of your garden and make it as close as possible to natural setting.

She will help you by designing a pleasant and functional garden with mix and match and lots of complements; a prepondence of evergreen perennials, all that’s just right to your needs. Native plants and natural focal points are heightened and accentuated. Her hand sketched plan / drawing is quite artistic and is typically created in full-color. A hand sketch, as the name indicates, is a hand-rendered interpretation of your finished landscape design plan.

By making use of the climate and the zone, and your family’s interests in mind, Garden Mecca Landscapes will ensure that the end result is one that gives you all you need .

Design plans are the foundation to your landscape project. Every project begins with a master site plan and will also include planting plots, hardscape illustrations, and possibly other types of planning graphs.

No landscaping project is too big or too small for Garden Mecca Landscapes. Our photo gallery speaks for itself.